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The ranch and surrounding National Wildlife Refuge offer outstanding accompanied and self-guided hiking opportunities, so make sure you bring your water bottle and hiking boots.

Rock Garden - Duration: approx 2 to 3 hour walk

The ranch offers a variety of scenery, including rock formations formed millions of years ago. Continue through the rock formations and around the ranch perimeter, circling back past the abandoned desert "swimming hole."

- Duration: from 1 to 6 hour walk - you decide!

Set off from the ranch on foot and head north toward the sacred mountain of the Papago Indians.  Rugged terrain with beautiful scenery.


Rock House / Casa De La Roca - Duration: minimum 3 hour walk

Set off from the ranch on foot and hike up into the nearby mountains for spectacular views into the Altar Valley of Mexico.  Great photo opportunities.

Pre breakfast power walk
- Duration: approx 1 hour walk

Three miles of fast walking for those who want to burn calories and stay "on the beaten path."

Brown Canyon - Duration: 4 - 6 hours

Driving time from Rancho De La Osa to Brown Canyon: approx 30 minutes

This is a private guided hike with a minimal fee and must be arranged with the National Wildlife Refuge. Hike back into a box canyon to see birds and animals not seen locally!


Arivaca Creek Trail Duration: from 1 hour plus - you decide!

Driving time from Rancho De La Osa to Arivaca Creek Trail: approx 30 minutes

This trail takes you along a creek bed with giant cottonwood trees for shade.

Cienega Trail - Duration: approx 2 hour walk
Driving time from Rancho De La Osa to Cienega Trail: approx 40 minutes

A gentle two mile trail through a marshland setting where you will see different birds to those at the ranch.  This walk can be combined with the Mustang Trail.

Ghost town at Ruby
- Duration: you decide
Driving time from Rancho De La Osa to Ruby: approx 70 minutes

Make reservations to visit the ghost town and enjoy hiking in a spectacular part of Arizona.

We are more than happy to provide pack lunches for those of you that want to go out for an all day hiking adventure.



For those of you that prefer to travel around and explore on two wheels, we have a selection of trail bikes for guests to use, free of charge - biking aficionados are also welcome to bring their own bikes to the ranch.

There are numerous trails that lead from our property into the surrounding desert and endless miles of challenging biking on moderate to strenuous terrain await you at the National Wildlife Refuge where you will be rewarded with spectacular mountain views of Baboquivari to the west and the Sierras to the east.  You may also see antelope, deer, javelina, jack rabbits, bobcats and a wide variety of birds and raptors in their natural habitat.

Our remote location offers excellent opportunities for long distance biking with little or no traffic and we are more than happy to provide packed lunches for those of you that want to go out for an all day biking adventure.

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